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KLW Team Ann Berry, Red Quijada, Gary Murphy

10 under good for Second Place

Thank you Ann

2016 CalCom Feb. 23-25


Pacific Telecommunications Council

Power MFG & KLW  at Distributech

San Diego Jan.31 - Feb 2

GMP JetStream and Power Pack  used by Vast Networks  / VCIN in Merced.  Blows 11,300 ft 72 count Fiber through Dura Line 12.7 / 10mm 4-Way Futurepath In 3Hours. The crew said it was better than the other blowers they used. "Quieter and did not have to help guide cable into machine on long runs".

GMP Tools AirStream in use by a customer in the U.K.

Network 3 Using the AirStream

FTTH Conference & Expo:

2015 FTTH Connect

June 29- July 1,2015

Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim, California

KLW Company Events


Society of Cable



pelsue 10' X 10' shade tent set up

Set up with Gary Murphy  of  KLW Company

Sound Effects by

Neighbor Children and a chicken named Rooster next door

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Duraline Futurepath 2-way makes it possible to add fiber at Tahoe Vista

Golden State Utilities Micro trenching for AT&T Fiber to cell tower  at Tahoe Vista. Ditch Witch cutting and Supper Grout back filling under the worst conditions possible. Road base is river rock with 1 1/2 '" of asphalt.  6% grade with 10 to 12 inch bolders  to cut through. 5/8 blade was replaced with 1 inch to keep river rocks coming up and breaking up asphalt. The job is going well and Golden State is keeping Tahoe Blue with  this dust free clean operation.

Protect the Tech's from UV Radiation

Stay cool with Pelsue

6'X6' 8'X8'and 10'X10' Shade Tent.   AT&T Reflective shade Tent is PEDed. Please contact us for PED Numbers


"KLWco has been  a Manufacturers  Representative for 34 years

Our company specializes in Telecommunication Manufacturers Representation helping your company succeed in the Telco & Cable World.


The KLW  staff has over  40 plus years of Telcom experience with AT&T and Verizon



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We are KLW


Nevada Telecommunications

Association Annual Convention

August 18-19,2015 in Lake Tahoe,Nevada


Colorado Convention Center

Denver CO.  Sep. 1 - 3, 2015

KLW co is a Member of 

CalCom Association, PTC, SCTE, BICSI, Nevada Telecommunications Association, USOLN

Pelsue 10' x 10' shade tent take down

Take down with Gary Murphy

less than 2 1/2 minutes.

PRO-TECH Gloves $29.00

Above 6 Pk Electronic Safety Flares with AC / DC Charger. Charge one or all six in Hard case Charger. Magnetic base . Tuff enough to drive a tank over.  16 LEDs visible 1 mile away

KLW teams up with Team Fishel from left to right KLW Red Quijada, Gary Murphy & Greg Copeland, Kwigs Bowen Team Fishel

Hawaiian Telcom Vendor Showcase

Aug. 23, 2016  Honolulu

ISE San Antonio Sep.20-23

SCTE Vender Days

Ontario  Dec. 9-10, 2015

NOT STAR WARS Just the Newest Fiber Splicers

Nevada Telecommunications

Association Annual Convention

Aug.16-17, 2016 in South lake Tahoe NV.

13 Under good for 3RD place from left to right

Mark Gunderson,Gary Murphy, Red Quijada

You may have seen the MINIMAX on TV for $99.00. To the right is the "POD".  Power on demand

Jump starter. With more accesaries and more power with a 3 year limited warenty.

Charge any USB device, Jump start a halfton Pickup 20 times and built in work light.

2016 Vendor Days SCTE

San Ramon April 20-21

2016 Platt Tool Days

Woodland March 29

SCTE Vender Days San Pedro Aug. 3-4, 2016

Reception on the USS IOWA

GMP, KD Lift, Dura line, Jameson,POD and Pelsue all working for COX